About Us

40 years of experience

Dianat srl designs, manufactures and distributes diamond and carbide tools for working wood, plastics, aluminium and derivatives. With over 40 years of experience, the company is a reference in the development of PCD and carbide products for fine handicrafts and the furniture industry.



We produce state-of-the-art products and customized solutions for the most modern working centres


Our tools are the fruit of daily discussions with customers and suppliers, of experience and of technical skills made available to the market. This has led market leaders to choose our company as their partner.





Every sector of the company is driven by a desire to innovate


This cross-disciplinarity is driven by technologies and the skills of the people who use it. We invest constantly in new technologies for product research, design, development and production. This pairing of hands and machines, ideas and applications brings our most innovative tools to life.


We develop solutions that are devised and developed in our design centre and personally checked at the partner company. In this way, the parties exchange knowledge and know-how, plans and projections. That’s how our business supports our customers' business.


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